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From Society Akhaldan 12.000 BC to modern Gurdjieff's lineage Fourth Way Schools.

All religions begin as inner teachings.

Dedicated to the seekers of truth, disciples & specific new ideas begin to dominate other ideologies in different geographical areas & cultures.

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Lineage of Fourth Way schools in history
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1: (Old "Spaceship" - Design was too cumbersome, it used all life force just to fly.)

2: New laws were discovered. (Law of falling.)

3: New devices were invented - 'Barrel* that absorbs and transforms atmospheres.

4: Following the planting and removal of kundabuffer, there were unexpected consequences. The further denegeneration of the human psyche, suggestibility and domination of the monkey mind (formatory apparatus.)

Why was there a need to replace existing teachings in different epochs?

They became too complex and cumbersome. There were too many Gods and too much superstition. Shocks were applied to older cultures and existing religions, like Judaism and Hinduism.

The need was to simplify and re-focus the the aim within these intervals of the octave.

It is useful to analyse what each great teacher decided to put into his teaching and what to leave out.

An algorithm based on the analysis of change in human psyche and society was introduced. It was integrated into ancient teachings regarding time and development of higher bodies.

Now a new independent teaching based on the strategy of God and the sly man, to trap time and reverse entropy has made it's appearance in the revolutionary approach of Mr. G.I. Gurdjieff, also known as the Fourth Way.

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